Our Special Projects Leader, Mr. Steve, originally created the Let the Dreamers Lead documentary just for us to watch during our Bronze Award celebration. There were never any plans for it to be made public. But as our work grew, more people learned about the video.


The following summer ABCNews reported on our work. That means people all across the Country learned about our efforts to make changes to help dogs and puppies. Then lots of people started trying to reach us. The editor of a children's publication, the Kind News, learned about the video and asked if our Troop would post it on the internet for other children to see. We could not do that because the video included music and musical performances by other people - really talented musicians, songwriters and composers. We did not have their permission to copy their work. So, we said we could not allow the video to be posted. But it seemed that a lot of people really wanted to see the video, so Mr. Steve contacted each of the musicians, and ... they all agreed to let their work be included in our video and posted on the internet!!!


We learned that one of the musicians is really famous. Her name is Carly Simon. Mr. Steve said that some of the people that needed to grant us permission to use the music are really busy, and have made movies like Ice Age and Home Alone. He said it was not likely that he would be able to reach them and told us we should not get our hopes up. One of the composers and pianists lives in Sweden. His name is Sebastian Larsson, and still another pianist lives in Australia!! Her name is Jessica Jiang. Since the video was recorded in 2011 we asked Mr. Steve if he would update it with what we have done since then. That kind of update is called an epilogue. We are working on that now and another pianist, Irina Gurevich, agreed to play Carly Simon’s music for the epilogue.


The best way that you can help us thank all of the songwriters, composers, musicians, performers and people who work with them is by watching the video and using it to motivate yourself to help someone or the world around you.